Climate Collapse – a Challenge for us all

Sandy Tod

The recent heatwave, described as “apocalyptic” in Spain and France, where it lasted longer than here, extreme winds that brought down so many trees earlier this year, and severe flooding on an increasingly regular basis are all warnings of serious climate collapse induced by global heating.

In Settle, ACE’s Energy Group is consulting the public locally on how best to decarbonise the energy we use in our homes and businesses. A report, list of potential projects identified at a workshop in May can be downloaded from the group’s website  along with your feedback – by 15th August.

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Jet Zero could mean more airport expansions

Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA)

GALBA is concerned that the government is about to publish Jet Zero – a new strategy which, they claim, will decarbonise the aviation sector. For now, we have held off Leeds Bradford Airport’s plans to expand.  But if Jet Zero becomes enshrined in government policy – it will become so much harder for us, and other campaigners against airport expansion, to protect our communities and the climate. See The Guardian 16 May 2022 at:

The launch of Jet Zero will take place at the Farnborough Air Show which tells you a lot about where the government’s loyalties lie!

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Cumbria decision now delayed

Mark Robinson
Campaigns Officer CPRE –  The countryside charity

Amid all the flurry of news today in parliament, it slipped out that a decision on the Cumbria coal mine has been delayed . Since then, the delay has been confirmed by the planning inspector, though they haven’t given a date for when we can expect a decision.  As frustrating as it is that the decision has been kicked down the road, the CPRE is not giving up now.

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Is the government about to approve the Cumbia coal mine?

Barry White

The week prime minister Johnson suggested that Britain should start mining and burning its own coal again, despite the climate emergency. He said it “makes no sense” for Britain to be importing coal from abroad for use in steelmaking “when we have our own domestic resources”.

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