Poorly insulated homes costs nearly £700 a year says report

Barry White

As the government begins distributing a £400 householders rebate this winter to lessen the impact on rising energy bills, https://www.gov.uk/government/news/400-energy-bills-discount-to-support-households-this-winter new research by the Northern Housing Consortium (NHC), which represents housing organisations in the region, found that 3.8 million homes are failing to reach an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C.

Our region is home to a third of England’s fuel-poor households. Living in these poorly insulated homes costs residents at least £680 a year, the NHC’s annual Northern Housing Monitor report reveals.

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New report reveals massive inequality in UK carbon emissions

Barry White

Little media coverage has been given to a recent report by Autonomy, https://autonomy.work/portfolio/climate-fund-climate-action/ which shows that the top 1% is responsible for the same amount of carbon emissions in a single year as the bottom 10% are in more than two decades. The report which was covered by The Guardian on 1 November, https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/nov/01/polluting-elite-enormous-carbon-dioxide-emissions-gap-between-poorest-autonomy-study revealed that the data covered the period to the end of 2018, before the Covid 19 pandemic, which saw a great reduction flying, travelling and other high carbon activities.

“It would take 26 years for a low earner to produce as much carbon dioxide as the richest do in a year, according to Autonomy’s analysis of income and greenhouse gas data from 1998 to 2018, which found that people earning £170,000 or more in 2018 in the UK were responsible for greenhouse gas emissions far greater than the 30% of people earning £21,500 or less in the same year”, the newspaper reported.

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Campaigning for divestment in fossil fuels

Barry White

Divest UK is a grassroots movement working to take back power from the world’s most destructive and profiteering industry by ending investments in fossil fuels. They campaign for public and private institutions to divest from fossil fuels and take action to secure a safe and healthy planet for future generations.

From 23-25 September, Divest UK welcomed grass roots activists from all across the UK to Ingestre Hall, Staffordshire for a weekend of discussions, exchanging experiences and learning from each other. The following link: https://www.divest.org.uk/2022-fossil-free-gathering-highlights/ takes you to a blog giving an account of the weekend’s events.

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Giving the climate a chance at The Folly

Barry White

The Folly in Settle, the Yorkshire Dales’ only Grade I listed historic house regularly open to the public witnessed the well-attended launch of three climate crisis related exhibitions on Saturday 15 October.  ACE, the Yorkshire Peat Partnership and All Our Land have come together to show how they are raising awareness and taking action on climate and biodiversity issues. The event is part of the Climate Crisis Season see: https://thefolly.org.uk/eventtag/climate-crisis/

Our exhibition features work undertaken by ACE over the past three years and the activities of our five themed working groups on energy, food, transport, biodiversity and communications, as well as events and campaigns we have run and are coming up.

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