Report raises serious concerns about hydrogen

Scottish FOE/Barry White

A Scottish environmental campaign group has raised serious concerns about the Scottish governments use of hydrogen technologies after a new report exposed their inefficiencies, soaring costs and the threat posed to renewable energy supplies. The report, ‘Hydrogen’s role in Scotland’s climate journey’, commissioned by Friends of the Earth Scotland found that 98% of global hydrogen production is from fossil fuels, see:

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Consultation on new energy windfall tax rushed through

Barry White

On 21 June the Government  launched a little publicised consultation into a new windfall tax, which only runs for 7 days, closing on 28 June (see: The windfall tax on oil and gas companies, who’ve made massive profits as our energy bills have soared (see:, only happened because of public and political pressure.

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Is the government about to approve the Cumbia coal mine?

Barry White

The week prime minister Johnson suggested that Britain should start mining and burning its own coal again, despite the climate emergency. He said it “makes no sense” for Britain to be importing coal from abroad for use in steelmaking “when we have our own domestic resources”.

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MPs support grows for the Local Electricity Bill – but will it become law?

Barry White

As previously reported on the this web site a Local Electricity Bill has been promoted by the campaign group Power for People, to enable communities like ours to source local clean energy. This, in turn, would reduce the UK’s dependency on volatile gas imports.

Support for the bill is growing in Parliament with the backing of 306 MPs including 120 Conservatives and 118 Labour. UK Power Networks have also publicly backed the Bill with four distribution network operators supporting the measure.

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