Hydrogen – a view from Scotland

Campaigns, Climate Crisis, Energy Companies

Alex Lee
Climate Campaigner Friends of the Earth Scotland

Did you know that almost all the manufactured Hydrogen in the world is produced from fossil fuels? Friends of the Earth Scotland (FoI Scotland) has seen that how oil and gas companies are the biggest lobbyists pushing the Scottish Government to adopt hydrogen as a way to tackle climate change.

Blue hydrogen is made from gas, which these fossil fuel companies think gives them an excuse to keep on drilling for decades to come. That’s why they created a short video to expose their hydrogen greenwash. You can see it at:

Evidence shows that hydrogen production is expensive, inefficient and is unsuitable for use in many areas. When hydrogen is made with fossil gas – which Ministers want to label as low-carbon – it doesn’t deliver the cuts we need to climate emissions.

FoI Scotland has also a Factsheet on Hydrogen where you can find out more about why they oppose inappropriate use of this technology.

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P.S. If you missed FoI Scotland’s earlier video ‘Carbon Capture Greenwash’ you can see it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfkhgstWfsE