Yorkshire River Pollution at all time High

River pollution, Water Companies

Yorkshire river pollution at all time high has been reported in a study undertaken by the Angling Trust. Eighty-three per cent of English rivers contain evidence of high pollution caused by sewage and agricultural waste. In Yorkshire this includes the Swale, Ure, Nidd and Upper Ouse.

The Guardian reports that hundreds of anglers took part in the study, organised by the Angling Trust, after being concerned by sewage in the waters they painstakingly tend.

The Angling Trust is a not for profit organisation, representing anglers, fighting for fish, fishing and the environment and carrying out a variety of campaigns including Anglers Against Pollution. As part of this six hundred and forty-one anglers from 240 angling clubs now regularly monitor pollution in 190 rivers across 60 catchments. Between them, they have taken more than 3,800 samples, which reveal the systemic pollution across England’s waterways, mainly caused by agricultural runoff and sewage spilled by water companies.

Yorkshire river pollution is a key concern for local people, the more so with this study finding that 83% of rivers monitored failed phosphate standards for good ecological status in at least one test, and 44% of site averages for phosphate failed the standard for good ecological status. Aquatic life struggles to survive in such conditions: phosphates cause an excessive growth of algae, which can decrease the level of oxygen dissolved in river water, choking the creatures within.

The River Ribble Trust is our local charity working to improve the River Ribble and its tributaries. ACE’s Biodiversity Group works with the Trust on river clean-ups and other activities.