Featured Group: Fossil Free North Yorkshire

Fossil Free North Yorkshire is a new campaigning group targeting North Yorkshire County Council Pension Fund to persuade it to divest from fossil fuels. Climate change is the biggest threat North Yorkshire and the world faces. We now have under 10 years to ensure that global temperature increases remain below 1.5⁰C before unprecedented, irreversible damage occurs Despite this, North Yorkshire pension fund currently holds £60m+ worth of fossil fuel investments

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Black Lives Matter and Climate Change

ACE wanted to respond to a letter and poem in the Craven Herald 25 June “Racism eats away at your core as a human”. You may have seen it in this week’s edition (2 July). If not, it’s reproduced here…

‘I’m also concerned that people of colour are more likely to be affected by the climate crisis, and yet they are often missing from the debate.

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Getting behind the Local Electricity Bill and support Settle Hydro

We sent round an email to supporters just before the first reading of the bill on 10 June encouraging you to contact Julian Smith asking for his support. This is a private member’s bill introduced in the House of Commons, which, if passed would be a great help to new community funded energy projects. Although it passed its first reading, there is still a long way to go before it gains royal assent and passes into law. Julian Smith is being lobbied by Settle Hydro, amongst others, to give it his support.

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Just Transitions: ‘one concept, different meanings’

A new book edited by Edited by Edouard Morena, Dunja Krause  and Dimitris Stevis brings together a compelling history of just transition, from its early origins among chemical workers in the US demanding clean working conditions, to the United Nation’s ‘Just Transition’ climate conference in Katowice, Poland (December 2018), when the UN finally let workers’ issues enter the mainstream. Yet, on closer scrutiny, Dimitris writes, ‘rather than providing a clear sense of how just transition can be achieved, the conference exposed the gap between policy makers’ narrow understanding and the everyday experience of working people and frontline communities.

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