North Yorkshire CC launches climate consultation

Climate Crisis, Local Action

Following our coverage of the announcement that North Yorkshire County  Council was launching a public consultation on their draft Climate Change Strategy on 13 February, see: the following announcement appeared on the Council’s web site see: ACE will be responding to the consultation which closes on 7 April.

‘In July 2022 a Climate Emergency was announced for North Yorkshire. With existing plans in place to reach Net Zero by 2030, the climate team created a draft Climate Change Strategy to enable North Yorkshire to reach Net Zero by 2030 and be the first Carbon Negative region by 2040. This ties in with the UK Governments aim for the UK to be Net Zero by 2050.

During the first phase of Let’s Talk, responses collected show that Climate Change was ranked as a top 3 priority by:

34% of people in the Let’s Talk Local Survey

41% of people in the Let’s Talk Money Survey

Let’s Talk Climate will gather your views and feedback on the draft Climate Change Strategy. By answering the survey questions, which focus on: slowing down and adapting to climate change as well as helping nature to thrive, the information you give will be fed back forming the final Climate Change Strategy for the new authority – North Yorkshire Council.

You will be able to share your views online using a safe and easy-to-use tool – Commonplace, which we used on our previous Let’s Talk engagements. Our libraries are hubs where you can go and find out more about the Climate Change Strategy, with a hard copy of the draft strategy and fill in a paper survey if you wish.

Events will be organised, alongside our Transport consultation, giving you the opportunity to talk to members of the Climate team about whether you think the council is doing enough to meet our Net Zero target. Further information will be available in the coming weeks.

Fill in the Climate Change survey here:

Thank you for your input, if you have any questions or would like to receive a paper copy, please contact:

Picture: North Yorkshire County Council.