Make combating climate change the top priority

Climate Assembly UK’s final report published on 10 September sets out a clear, internally consistent and timely path for reaching the UK’s target of net zero emissions by 2050. Climate Assembly UK’s report, The Path to Net Zero, shows how a representative sample of the population believe the UK should meet its net zero emissions commitment with detailed recommendations across ten areas including: how we travel; what we eat and how we use the land; what we buy; heat and energy use in the home; how we generate our electricity; and greenhouse gas removals. Parliament agreed in June 2019, to set in law a commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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St Alkelda leads the way, and there is more to do

News that the Grade 1 listed church of St Alkelda in Giggleswick has been given planning permission by Craven District Council to install solar panels has been welcomed by ACE. In a letter to the Craven Herald, ACE’s Sandy Todd writes:

“It is uplifting to read in your edition of 3 September that St Akelda’s plans to install solar panels on the Church’s south aisle roof have gained not only the approval of the Church authorities but also Craven District Council’s planning committee. This says a lot for the far-sighted efforts of St Akelda’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) and congregation in bringing this project together, without detriment to an ancient and beautiful building.

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Come and join us to win a better world

ACE’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place via Zoom Saturday on 12 September from 10.45am. It will receive a report on our work and activities so far and plans for the coming period. The meeting will also be asked to approve a constitution and elect officers and members to the steering group. It will also receive reports from our various working groups. Only ACE members can vote at the AGM.

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How our supermarkets can halve throwaway plastics

A new report from Greenpeace shows how the UK supermarkets could make significant reductions to the amount of plastic they produce by focusing their attention on the packaging for 54 grocery categories. ​The analysis also shows that ​changing the packaging for just 13 categories of popular groceries, like fizzy drinks, fruit and vegetables, and household detergents, supermarkets could reduce plastic by approximately 35%, remove 45 billion pieces of supermarket plastic, and more than 300,000 tonnes of plastic. This is the equivalent weight of 7,000 supermarket delivery lorries, that if lined up nose to tail could lead from Birmingham to Manchester.

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