Our food group is focused on reducing food waste, encouraging buying locally and growing our own food. We hold events and produce information – so check back here regularly.


1) Continue to support grow your own initiatives by individuals, allotment holders and
community groups to grow organically with open-pollinated seeds, using peat
alternatives and without pesticides

2) Carry out several events around Fair Trade in order for Settle to apply to become a
Fair Trade Community by the end of the year.

3) To raise awareness and support the Plastic Free Community initiative run by Surfers
Against Sewage that ACE is becoming involved with.

4) To raise awareness and inform members of activities across the region that are
aiming to change our broken food system such as the Northern Real Farming
Conference in November 2023.


The alternative food movement needs local, open-pollinated seeds and many places are
now running seed swaps with locally produced seeds. Our food group lead, Melanie, has several packets and will be bringing these to future meetings.

Anyone who has gluts of organic vegetables please bring to meetings to share with other
members at our Green Cafes – see our Events page for dates.

UK Wide

Following Greenpeace’s ‘Big Plastic Count’ in May 2022, here are some ideas from them: Living-with-less-plastic-handbook


Tea/Coffee/Chocolate/Organic Honey (organic honey is not sold in the UK due to the small
acreage of certified organic land) are available through many churches or Oxfam.
The UK will never be able to produce enough citrus fruits to satisfy demand so how about
buying organic fruit direct from the farmers in Europe giving them a fair price for their

Three more companies are now using Faitrade cocoa in their products:
  • Guylian (of seashell chocolates) have now switched to 100% Fairtrade cocoa which means a fairer deal for cocoa farming communities in West Africa.
  • Beech’s chocolates (based in Preston) have brought out some Faritrade treats.
  • Quirky chocolates (Scottish) have a new range of gift sets all using Fairtrade cocoa.

For in season products at the moment – check out

Our food needs to be local, organic, seasonal and healthy. We should be producing food on
systems that are peat and pesticide free, support biodiversity and create their own fertility.

Skipton Artisan Market which is held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

Here is what we found on a visit (2 May 2021).


Luc’s Bakery – excellent sourdoughs.

Home made cakes/cheesecakes.

Home made Sticky Toffee Puddings.

Home made Lasagna’s (not every time).

Home made Party Foods – sandwiches/straws etc.

Small jars of jam/chutney.

Pie and Cheese stall but not necessarily local or ethically sourced.

Drinks – gin/beer but not necessarily local.

Non Food



Local Artists.

An artisan market, but not a farmers market.  No farmers selling direct. No meat of any kind, no fruit and veg.  No eggs.  Swillington Organic Farm from Leeds no longer attend.  Good atmosphere, the man who runs it is trying hard.

Cheap and Easy recipes

Veg Soup
Two potatoes.
Two large onions.
A large bag of carrots.
One leek.
A tin of tomatoes.
A stock cube.
Dash of salt and pepper .
Total cost with a slice of bread and butter £1.70 for two.

An omelette
Six eggs.
A knob of butter.
Generous sprinkling of grated cheese.
Served with some left-over lettuce and tomato.
Total cost about £2.20 for two.

Cottage Pie
Potatoes, mince, onions and a dash of herbs.
Served with frozen peas.
Cost £3.00 for two.



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