Renewable energy permitted development rights could be extended

Barry White

On 28 February the government launched a review of the existing permitted development rights for solar equipment and a new permitted development right for solar canopies as part of a wider review,

If approved changes would see solar panels installed on flat roofs where the highest part of the equipment would be no higher than 0.6 metres above the highest part of the roof. Solar on a wall which fronts a highway would be permitted in conservation areas. Here the government seeks to provide further flexibility on where stand-alone solar could be installed within the curtilage of a home or block of flats in conservation areas.

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How venues can reduce their energy costs

North Yorkshire CC news release

Community and volunteer groups running venues including village halls, sports and leisure facilities, theatres and museums are being offered access to expert advice on how to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and save on running costs. Up to 50 buildings will be included in a free study, which will show members of community and volunteer groups how to reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings, enabling them to become more energy-efficient and to save money.

The project will be funded by £75,000 from the Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and is open to venues managed by the community and voluntary sector. Elderly people’s residential care homes are also included.

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Local Energy Generation Proposals for Settle

Sandy Tod

Climate change induced droughts and floods rendering large parts of Africa and Asia unsustainable for human development, require a transition to zero-carbon fuels. Meanwhile energy prices on the world market have tripled due to Putin’s war in Ukraine. These two factors create a global dilemma which national governments struggle to resolve.  Meanwhile, at home, high energy prices make home-grown energy much more viable, while also providing alternatives to expensive, polluting, imported fossil fuels.

By acting now, collectively as a community, to tap our local natural energy resources of solar, wind, hydro etc, our community can join others in not only reducing our emissions, contributing to the global solution, but also controlling local energy prices at reasonable levels.

Do you want to be a part of this energy revolution?

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Soaring electricity prices brings explosive demand for solar panels

Patrick Collinson The Guardian 20 August 2022.

British households are racing to install roof-top solar electricity panels amid huge energy price rises, with installers saying demand has “exploded”. Simon Dudson, the chief executive of the Little Green Energy Company, which serves London and south-east England, says: “It’s absolutely crazy times. It’s unprecedented. We have had a 400-500% increase in business.”

The soaring price of electricity means a domestic solar panel system can now pay for itself in as little as seven years, and the way things are going, that could go down to five years. About a year ago, installers were saying the “payback” period was 15 years or more. Then there are the environmental benefits of solar panels.

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