Climate Collapse – a Challenge for us all

Sandy Tod

The recent heatwave, described as “apocalyptic” in Spain and France, where it lasted longer than here, extreme winds that brought down so many trees earlier this year, and severe flooding on an increasingly regular basis are all warnings of serious climate collapse induced by global heating.

In Settle, ACE’s Energy Group is consulting the public locally on how best to decarbonise the energy we use in our homes and businesses. A report, list of potential projects identified at a workshop in May can be downloaded from the group’s website  along with your feedback – by 15th August.

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Local Energy Plan for Settle and district

The potential development of renewable energy schemes in and around Settle was looked at during a workshop facilitated by Action on Climate Emergency (ACE) Settle and Area’s Energy Group on 21st May 2022 to take the first steps in drawing up a comprehensive Local Area Energy Plan.  Following the showing on 22nd March of the film “We the People” a survey of those attending indicated strong support for a wide range of renewable energy technologies in our district with the emphasis on solar and wind power as well as anaerobic digestion and heat pumps, with community ownership of installations being the most popular means of implementation.

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Energy Crisis and Communities

Communities around the country are delivering their own alternative local energy strategies to tackle the energy crisis, save money and reduce emissions now. In contrast, the UK government’s Energy Security Strategy, published on 7th April, failed to address the energy crisis and home energy efficiency in the short term. Instead, as the first policy update of its kind in a decade, it set new targets for offshore wind, promised more nuclear power stations and support for green hydrogen. It also follows the latest report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which has given us just 3 years to reverse the increase in emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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Support for Wind Power at its Highest

Sarah Wiltshire

Public support for onshore wind is at odds with the UK government’s new nuclear policy. An Opinium poll for the Observer carried out following the government’s Energy Security Strategy, published last Thursday, has as many as three quarters of those surveyed supporting onshore wind power. In contrast to the promotion of nuclear power as the first option by the government.

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