Settle area prepares for local energy club

Sarah Wiltshire

Our energy group has been preparing for the setting up of a local energy club over the last 12 months. Following a three-stage consultation involving the public and key local interests last year, a Local Energy Plan was produced showing the potential to sustainably generate a good proportion of the electricity needs in Settle, Giggleswick and Langcliffe – the club area being determined by the the geographical coverage of the relevant electricity sub station see:

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Planning system changes needed to promote home energy efficiency

Dr. Suzy Nelson, University of Westminster.

To meet the UK Government’s targets to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from our homes and to address the cost of living crisis there needs to be a major programme to upgrade the energy efficiency of our homes. This involves improvements both to the fabric of homes and to the systems for controlling their internal temperature and moisture levels.

Lack of funding and shortage of skills are major obstacles to the implementation of retrofit projects on the scale needed. Through my involvement in the Architects Climate Action Network, I became aware that obtaining planning permission was another issue holding back retrofit projects, so I decided to investigate the extent to which this was a problem.

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Retained EU Law Bill: Government places hundreds of UK green laws on the chopping board

Michael Holder                                                   Business Green 11 May 2023

Laws, regulations, treaties and decisions related to habitats, air quality, climate change, renewable energy, farming and fishing proposed for scrapheap under government plans

Hundreds of UK laws and regulations directly related to the environment, climate change, air pollution, farming, energy and fishing are set for the chop before the end of this year, according to a list unveiled by the government which is likely to cause significant concern among green businesses and environmental groups.

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