Public consultation on climate change strategy to be launched next month

Barry White

North Yorkshire County Council’s Executive recently approved the North Yorkshire Council Climate Change Strategy Draft for public consultation, and will be inviting all ‘partners’, residents, communities and businesses (including ACE) across North Yorkshire to give their views by 7 April 2023.

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Government ignores scientific advice on pesticide

Barry White

The recent decision by the government to ignore advice scientific and allow farmers to continue using a bee-harming pesticide on sugar beet crops has been criticised by ecologists. The neonicotinoid pesticide treatment, known as thiamethoxam, was banned in the EU in 2018 due to the damage it causes to bees, pollinators and aquatic life if it ends up in rivers. The pesticide was previously approved for use on sugar beet due to a high incidence of yellows virus, which can destroy crops. Around 63 per cent of the UK’s sugar is produced domestically, and the government says this could be at risk if a significant amount of the crop is infected.

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Profit forecast up at SSE

Barry White

The multinational energy company SSE plc (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy plc) based in Perth, Scotland, has increased its full-year profit forecast after its gas-fired plants and storage sites benefited from higher gas prices reports the Financial Times Weekend (21/22 January) . The energy company reported that adjusted earnings were expected to rise to more than 150p a share in the 2022/23 financial year, up from its earlier figure of at least 120p.

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Recycling – has the government bottled it?

Barry White

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has given the go-ahead for a deposit return scheme (DRS) but it will not include glass and won’t start until October 2025, see: The failure to include glass in the scheme, which was a government 2019 manifesto promise, has been criticised by campaigners as a missed opportunity.

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