Costs of using public electric vehicle charging points rocket

Barry White

We all know that energy costs are rising, a trend accelerated since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But unless you are an owner of an electrical vehicle, the recent rapid increases in public charging costs may have passed you by. The RAC reports the cost to charge an electric car on a pay-as-you-go basis at a publicly accessible rapid charger had increased by 42% since May to an average of 63.29p per kWh, see: .  That’s cheaper than you will have to pay in Craven’s DC’s Ashfield Car Park were the charge for the Osprey slow chargers is now £1 per kWh for their 7kw EV chargers, whereas at the time of writing the cost to use the rapid charger at The Courtyard on the A65 is only 57p per kWh for their 50kw charger (GeniePoint).

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