What Kendal is doing about Climate Change

The UK’s first ever climate change citizens’ town level jury has been a huge success say the organisers and is now drawing up and voting on recommendations.  In April 2019 Kendal Town Council declared a climate emergency and during the summer was actively finding out what the public thinks via the UK’s first ever town level Climate Change Citizens’ Jury at town level.

Subsequently 20 Kendal residents attended 10 Jury sessions to learn from experts and answer the question ‘What should Kendal do about Climate Change?’ They heard from national experts including Chris Stark, (Chief Executive of the UK Committee on Climate Change), Professor Becky Willis and Professor Mike Berners Lee. Armed with an understanding of climate change and the challenges and opportunities, Jury members chose to focus on three key themes (energy production, transport and food and farming) to help answer the overarching question. A further nine well respected commentators shared their expertise in these key areas.

A statement on their web site states: “We are committed to making sure the time and dedication of the Jury is honoured and results in positive changes in Kendal. The Citizens Jury has brought together both passion and an evidence base through deliberation. We want to ensure that our jurors’ voices are heard. We want to raise funds to create a short film to promote the Jury’s recommendations and engage the key organisations they call upon for change.”

You can find out more at: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/kendal-climate-change-citizens-jury-film

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