Was your Christmas tree really green?

Barry White

Since 2020 Todmorden based Rooted has been hiring out Christmas trees in a bid to cut waste and global warming. So as we approach twelfth night when the decorations come down, how are you disposing of your tree?

“A tree is not just for Christmas when adopted,” said Rooted Christmas Tree Farm founder Sara Tomkins who started her new venture after losing her job at the start of the Corona Virus pandemic and appeared on the BBC’s Look North regional news programme on 4 January, see: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-leeds-59886883 .

 “Our pot grown trees will support the Calder Valley by reducing waste and slowing the flow of our water ways. Our trees are green for life not just for Christmas.”

She points out that people can choose their tree, which will then be delivered in a recycled eco-friendly pot with water reservoir for easy watering. It will be collected after Christmas where it can carrying on growing in a pot in the ground during the year, ready to be used again in next year’s celebrations. Households can even adopt the same tree for further years.

“Our trees are forever Christmas trees – you take December and I’ll do the rest,” added Sara.

Sara is renting 150 three foot to five foot trees with an ambition to eventually offer 1000 trees a year to local residents and a pledge to plant 2030 trees by 2030.

According to government estimates, eight million dumped Christmas trees generate 160,000 tonnes of waste every year. It’s a tremendous waste of resources and the cost of disposal to local councils is estimated at £14 million. The Carbon Trust says a two metre tall Christmas tree that ends up in a land fill has a carbon footprint of 16kg, see: https://www.sciencefocus.com/planet-earth/is-it-more-environmentally-friendly-to-buy-a-fake-christmas-tree-or-a-real-one/

So when thinking of your tree for next Christmas, perhaps renting may be the greener way?

Photo: https://www.rooted-christmastrees.com/gallery

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