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Melanie Fryer

In 2017 the Gaia Foundation launched its UK and Ireland Seed Sovereignty programme in order to train market gardeners and small scale seed producers in saving their own seed (and see: ).

Seeds were, at one time, produced much more widely in the UK. This programme aims to help rekindle the passion for local, open-pollinated and agro-ecological seed.  Demand for good quality organic seed is increasing and there is the opportunity for growers to diversify by adding seed crops in their planning.  There is also a potential to produce more varieties suited to the UK and Irish climate and markets.  Hopefully by raising awareness and supporting more growers to grow for seed, the programme will help existing initiatives and help others to develop.

None of the large seed companies that we are all familiar with grow any of their own seed.  Figures vary but it is widely believed that over 80% of organic vegetable seed in the UK is imported.

Meanwhile I have some locally produced seeds etc available to ACE members which are listed below.

SEEDS – all grown and saved from organic stock by Lancaster Seed Library

10 x seeds Dwarf French Bean ‘Mistik’

10 x seeds Coloured Corn

2 x 10 seeds Runner Bean ‘Black Emperor’

1 pck Chilli ‘Zimbabwe Black’

1 pck Quinoa

1 pck Dill

1 pck Marigold

1 pck Pink Poppy

POTATOES  – organic seed potatoes from Scottish stock

10 x Casablanca

10 x Ambo

These are first earlies and a versatile potato.  Easy to grow in tubs.


Lots of rhubarb from an organic site all the way through April, May, June and first week of July.

Good for jam and freezing as well as fresh.

To order any of the above please email me at: Melanie Fryer <>

Arrangements for delivery will be announced when you place your order with me together with those for donations to ACE for the seeds etc.

Meanwhile Our Seeds are our Stories is now available on Vimeo following on from Seed Week in January. View at:

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