Region’s Climate Action Plan under consideration

Barry White

An online public consultation on the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission’s regional climate action plan closed last Friday. The Commission published 50 draft headline actions for the report, which cover cross-cutting issues, climate readiness and resilience, and net zero. The action plan itself will include more context and more detail on the specific actions proposed.

Part of the public consultation included two evening public webinars. The first focused on the ‘climate resilience aspects of the plan’ while the second focused on the ‘net zero aspects’.

The Commission’s climate action plan, which will be launched at a joint climate change summit with the Yorkshire Post on Tuesday 9 November, is intended to be a positive and constructive document that will inform and guide future climate actions across the Yorkshire and Humber region. This first draft of the action plan has been drawn up based on extensive collaborations between the main Commission (with 40 members from diverse organisations across the region), and by the Commission’s resilience and net zero working groups and standing panels (each with a broader membership base).

Once finalised, the Commission will work to promote the delivery of the action plan through all of its activities and future engagements. While the action plan has no formal status and the Commission is an advisory body rather than a delivery agency, the action plan will be submitted to the Yorkshire Leaders Board for formal consideration. Just how the public and the region’s local authorities and other statutory and voluntary bodies respond and what additional funding will be made available will be critical to its success.

Further details including the Action Plan may be found at:

A comprehensive report by the Yorkshire Post published on 18 September may be read at:

News source and photo: The Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission at:






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