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Jess and the GALBA team (Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport)

As global leaders arrive at COP27, the world is facing up to the enormity of the climate crisis. We all know that governments have made matters worse with years of inaction and greenwash.  But we also know we have the power to make them wake up and take action. You were so central to our fight to persuade the UK government to hold a Public Inquiry into Leeds Bradford Airport’s climate-wrecking expansion plans; plans that would have seen passenger numbers and emissions almost double.

The public inquiry had the airport authority running scared and they dropped their planning application. But they have not given up in their plans to fly more planes out of the airport. We’re tracking and reporting the extra flights they are already flying (600 more night flights than allowed this summer for example!!!). But we are also committed to reversing Jet Zero, the government’s aviation policy which encourages more flights and bigger airports

So we’re taking the government to court and LAUNCHING A HUGE PETITION to show that the public wants the government to rewrite Jet Zero and come up with a plan that actually works. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION

Why we’re fighting Jet Zero if we want to stop Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) from expanding.

  1.    LBA wants to expand the number of flights coming through the airport. They may have dropped their planning application but they still want to make more money.
  2.    To make more money they need to attract more airlines. Airlines want to fly during the day and, crucially, at night to make best use of their fleets. So LBA wants to be allowed longer flying hours – including right through the night.
  3.    LBA is currently breaking its night flight quotas – simply by ignoring them. And Leeds City Council seem to be turning a blind eye.  But that can’t go on forever. Especially with GALBA on their case!
  4.    Helpfully for LBA, the government has brought out a new so-called ‘green’ aviation strategy called Jet Zero. Jet Zero is supposed to limit greenhouse gas emissions but it actually supports more flying and bigger airports, claiming that it will clean up the mess with unproven technological fixes sometime in the future.
  5.    We believe that if we don’t overturn Jet Zero, LBA will use it as justification to get Leeds City Council to allow it to fly more planes at all times of day or night.
  6.    So we have to fight Jet Zero in court. We’re taking out a Judicial Review to protect the airport community from noisy night flights and even more pollution.

Remember, as well as fighting in court, we need to make sure that the government gets the message loud and clear. Please sign our JET ZERO PETITION ON 38 DEGREES.

 Thank you for your support for the future of our children, our communities and our climate.

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