Getting behind the Local Electricity Bill and support Settle Hydro

We sent round an email to supporters just before the first reading of the bill on 10 June encouraging you to contact Julian Smith asking for his support. This is a private member’s bill introduced in the House of Commons, which, if passed would be a great help to new community funded energy projects. Although it passed its first reading, there is still a long way to go before it gains royal assent and passes into law. Julian Smith is being lobbied by Settle Hydro, amongst others, to give it his support.

Settle Hydro crowdfunder

Talking of the The Hydro – they are raising £15 000 to repair the weir head. This will make the weir more efficient by allowing the turbine to take in a more consistent level of water and generate more electricity. This will also improve the passage of migrating fish through the fish pass.

The £15,000 is over and above the ongoing overheads of maintaining the Hydro.

You can contribute to the crowdfunder here:

Send your comments to: acesettleandarea at (replace at with @)

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