Linking up to level up – reinstating the Skipton to Colne railway

Barry White

The action group campaigning to reinstate 12 miles of railway between Colne and Skipton, SELRAP, is working for a major last push to get the project a reality. Campaigners believe that the new rail corridor would be transformational not only for passengers, but forming the North’s freight trans-Pennine link, and contribute to ‘levelling-up’ the Northern economy. It could also have a great benefit on the environment by contributing to transport decarbonisation.

The Skipton – East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership (SELRAP) also believe that the reinstatement will connect the Airedale line, a modern and fast train service running from Leeds, into East Lancashire. Two trains would be scheduled per hour, with a new station built at Earby and a replacement station built in Colne. This would bring the Colne-Leeds journey time down to just 50 minutes, with significant benefits for students, commuters, shoppers, together with leisure and tourism opportunities in East Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales.

In an interview with the Burnley Express in June, Peter Bryson, Chair of SELRAP, said: “We’ve had so much support from leading figures already on our project, and 2021 is the year we will get this over the line and secure the funding.

“We hope people will understand more now about why this project is so important for the whole of the North, and will really get behind us and show support!”

You can find out more about the campaign and show your support by sharing the video on Facebook at: and reading more on the SELRAP website: where you can down their latest pamphlet ‘At a Glance’.



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