Leeds Bradford Airport – the campaign continues

The Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA) and 38 Degrees

As already reported on this web site Leeds Bradford Airport has withdrawn its planning application for a £150m expansion, see http://acesettleandarea.org/leeds-bradford-airport-150m-terminal-plans-scrapped/. This means that the public inquiry has been cancelled and we have won this battle. We want to say thank-you to everyone who signed our petition or donated to our fighting fund. This is a huge victory.

But the fight isn’t over yet. The airport’s owners are now claiming that they can increase the number of day and night time flights even without that application being approved. We absolutely contest their claims. So we will have to continue the fight against this assault on public health and our environment. To do this we still need high quality legal advice and we may need to take further legal action to stop any breach of the existing rules. That means we will continue to incur costs.

As you know, airport expansion is a national issue and we hope this victory will offer hope and encouragement to similar campaigns across the country. So we will continue working with other campaigns in the UK as well as supporting legal moves to ensure the government takes its climate commitments seriously by preventing unrestricted aviation growth.

We are very grateful to everyone who has donated to the campaign – it’s been crucial to our success. If you have different views about what we might do with your donation, including a refund, please email us at GalbaUK@protonmail.com.  As we are sure you will understand we may need to commit funds to the next stages of our campaign in the near future, so we will be able to accommodate requests up till 10.00 pm on Thursday 21 April.

(Send your comments to: acesettleandarea at gmail.com (replace at with @))

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