Jet Zero could mean more airport expansions

Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA)

GALBA is concerned that the government is about to publish Jet Zero – a new strategy which, they claim, will decarbonise the aviation sector. For now, we have held off Leeds Bradford Airport’s plans to expand.  But if Jet Zero becomes enshrined in government policy – it will become so much harder for us, and other campaigners against airport expansion, to protect our communities and the climate. See The Guardian 16 May 2022 at:

The launch of Jet Zero will take place at the Farnborough Air Show which tells you a lot about where the government’s loyalties lie!

Jet Zero expressly supports aviation expansion. So how does the government square this with the desperate need for a drastic cut in emissions? Simply with the claim that new technology will come along and solve the deadly emissions problems that such expansion will create. The problem is that this technology does not exist now, and almost certainly will not exist within the timescales in which we need to reduce emissions if we are to have any chance of avoiding climate catastrophe.

Put simply, Jet Zero is a con. It’s an aviation industry wish list masquerading as government policy. As well as fighting the expansion plans of individual airports, it is crucial that we challenge the legal and regulatory framework that the government is creating – a framework that protects its friends in the aviation industry, at the cost of the climate and our communities.

So, GALBA is coordinating a letter-writing campaign to MPs and government ministers, to show them that we will not support their reckless aviation policies.

Please will you send a letter telling your MP that you do not support the government’s reckless aviation strategy?  And that you fear that Jet Zero will lead to the expansion of Leeds Bradford airport and other regional airports? And please also send a copy to Robert Courts, the Aviation Minister and Greg Clarke, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Levelling Up (who is ultimately responsible for airport expansion planning decisions).

Everything you need to write the letters is all available here.

It will take just ten minutes and could make a huge difference to our fight against aviation expansion and its crucial role in the climate crisis.

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