Investigation into night flight rules ‘breaches’

Barry White

Following concerns about too many ‘summer’ flights at Leeds Bradford Airport (reported here at: The Yorkshire Post reports: that the airport is ‘fully co-operating’ with an investigation into the claims.

The concerns were raised by the Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA) who believe the airport broke night time limits. They claim that there were more than 600 more take-off and landings than were permitted between 27 March and 30 October.

The city council has started an investigation into the allegations which were raised by a councillor at a recent meeting of Leeds council. Helen Hayden, the council’s executive member for infrastructure, said: “It would be premature to comment on the details at this stage other than to say we are investigating.

The council is working closely with Leeds Bradford Airport, who are fully co-operating with the process to obtain the necessary flight information, in order to assess the complaints and ascertain if any breach has occurred.”

Andy Tate, a GALBA member who lives under the flight path in north west Leeds, said:  “We’ve monitored the number of night flights over the summer season using real time flight data information available online. LBA was allowed 2,920 night flights but we have found that LBA actually operated an incredible 600 more flights than allowed. Night time flying is bad news for anyone living under the flight path. The disturbance from these flights is a major cause of all kinds of serious health issues. That’s why there are rules – to protect the public. We are asking Leeds City Council to put the health of Leeds and Bradford citizens before the profits of LBA. The Council has a duty to stop the airport from breaking the night flight rules.”

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