From 51 Billion to Zero…

In his new book ‘How to avoid a climate disaster’ Bill Gates sets out his far-reaching plan for how the world can get to net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 and avoid a climate catastrophe. Bill Gates is a technologist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, and in his new book he brings these three strands together to propose an urgent, comprehensive and accessible plan to get the planet to net-zero emissions, before the worst effects of climate change are upon us.

The book sets out the climate science simply and explores initiatives like wind power, which are already contributing to a reduction in greenhouse emissions, but he goes on to argue that these existing methods aren’t enough to eradicate the 51 billion tons emitted across the globe annually.

So he then turns to innovations in technology to get us all the way to zero, from new processes for making steel and cement, to developing the science fundamental to creating plant and cell-based meats, and growing wheat and rice varieties capable of enduring a warmer planet.

Finally, he sets out a plan for governments and policymakers to adopt, to ensure that in every continent and country our precious planet remains inhabitable.

Read by William Hope and available for 27 days from 15 February, go to:

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