Fish That Live in the Forest

The benefits of salmon, the waters in which they swim and the forests through which they pass is the story told in the film ‘Riverwoods’ commissioned by Scotland The Big Picture – an organisation working to re-wild a large network of land and water for the benefit of nature across Scotland.

‘Salmon need the support of a rich and diverse landscape that stretches far beyond the banks of the river. Over many centuries, the loss of Scotland’s natural woodlands, and much of the wildlife that shaped them, has profoundly changed our rivers and their ability to support the huge salmon runs that once flourished. Today, this magnificent creature so symbolic of Scotland’s spectacular, cascading rivers, is threatened like never before’.

This was the first of a double feature at our November meet-up – ‘All About Rivers’.

The second half took this story to our local patch with a presentation by Jack Spees, River Ribble Trust CEO, about the Upper Ribble Catchment area, that includes Settle. ‘Improving the upper River Ribble, Past, Present and Future’ looked at the Ribble Rivers Trust strategic approach, the breadth of work undertaken in the Upper Ribble over the last two decades, who the Trust works with, what is currently being delivered, their aspirations, and how those with a passion for a better environment and a better river specifically can help to make this happen.

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Image Credit:‘River Ribble, Settle.jpg” by Tim Green is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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