Electric Car ownership – Why we love our electric cars

Robert Bellfield

There may be many people in Settle and Giggleswick considering the option of purchasing or leasing an electric car. This article shares the experiences of two electric car owners in the area.

Owner 1

After deliberating about getting an automatic because I have arthritis in my knees, I researched electric cars.

Experiencing a lock down test drive and talking to other electric car owners I was completely won over. Quiet, responsive and quick. I am a keen car enthusiast I love unusual cars, fast cars and Rallying. I suppose I would have been classed as a petrol head.

The speed, comfort, economy and convenience of my electric car have bowled me over. My overriding drive! Was to reduce my contribution to the damage to the planet.

I chose the lease option – mainly because electric cars are expensive at the moment and leasing gave me freedom to change my mind and to wait and see how other manufacturers progressed with increasing range.

I feel that I am a very lucky person to drive an electric car that I can charge at home and manage well on overnight charging. I get 245 miles to a charge, when topping up at public EV chargers it can cost roughly between £10-12 for £200 miles in 35/40 minutes on a fast charger. Enough time to do a shop.

I have lots of extra features with my car and lots of safety functions which make me feel relaxed on long and short journeys. I’m glad to be able to do my bit towards the Climate Emergency.

Owner 2

The decision to by an electric car was similarly motivated by the desire to reduce carbon dioxide output but also contribute to the health benefits from reduced air pollution from cars by eliminating harmful gases and diesel particulate output.

Electric cars are great to drive being quiet and relaxing. They handle well as their centre of gravity is low due to the weight of the batteries sitting low down. Their ability to glide along with no power consumption is also amazing as they have low roll resistance tyres, no engine drag and they are very aero-dynamic because air is not being forced through the engine compartment to cool the engine.

Electric cars attract zero road tax, are around 10% to 20% cheaper to insure (no thefts) and are cheap to service. If you use electricity tariffs such as Octopus Go (overnight charging at 5p per KWHr) the energy cost per mile is around 1p to 1.5p per mile dependant on the ambient temperature. A home wall mounted 7KW charger attracts a £350 government subsidy.

I have now had the car for 18 months and covered around 14,000 miles and would not like to be without it. When you drive a manual petrol or diesel car, they feel dated and very much yesterday’s technology.

We would very much encourage you to consider an electric car if possible and contribute to net zero for 2030.

Robert Bellfield is a councillor on Settle Town Council and is chair of the Council’s Climate Change and Biodiversity Steering Group.

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