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ACE Response to NY Local Government Reorganisation consultation  17 April 2021

ACE Spring Conference 13 March 2021

Conference video featuring the speaker’s presentations – hosted on Settle Community and Business Hub’s YouTube Channel:

ACE Autumn Conference 14 November 2020

ACE Green Recovery Seminar 14 Nov 2020 A4 programme flier Final

News release November conference

Green Recovery – Cllr Hannaford Cornwall Unitary

Preston Cllr Brown

Sandy Tod presentation

News release Report 14 November conference


ACE Spring Conference 7 March 2020

ACE A4 flyer 7 March 2020 final detailed programme

ACE CDC Climate Emergency Strategic Plan Summary for 7th March

ACE 7 March Melanie Fryer

ACE 7 March David Howlett

ACE Settle TC Climate Emergency Action Plan Meeting 25-nov-2019

ACE Settle TC 10. Climate Emergency report 6 Jan 20

ACE Settle TC Appendix







ACE 7 March NT paper



ACE Meeting 7 March 2020, panel of speakers, from left to right: Melanie Fryer, Tess McMahon (ACE, chair of session), Elizabeth Sullivan (partly hidden), David Howlett, Andy Brown, Amy Stokes, Rob Atkins


ACE 7 March Press statement to Craven Herald