Cumbria decision now delayed

Mark Robinson
Campaigns Officer CPRE –  The countryside charity

Amid all the flurry of news today in parliament, it slipped out that a decision on the Cumbria coal mine has been delayed . Since then, the delay has been confirmed by the planning inspector, though they haven’t given a date for when we can expect a decision.  As frustrating as it is that the decision has been kicked down the road, the CPRE is not giving up now.

Regardless of the changes that are currently afoot in Westminster, we’ll continue to campaign to stop the Cumbria coal mine from going ahead – for the sake of our countryside, communities and climate.

And with none other than the Environment Secretary coming out in favour of the coal mine this morning , it’s all still to play for in terms of piling the pressure on the government, whatever else might happen in the coming days.

CPRE thanks people for their support which has meant so much throughout this campaign, and it will continue to as the fight goes on.

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