COP26: A just transition?

Barry White

Last November, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) held two just transition workshops at a fringe meeting in Glasgow City Chambers during COP26. The workshops examined national just transition examples from around the world and projects that emphasise community engagement and participation. The nine speakers from England, Wales, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, the US and Kenya told the in-person and online audiences about their projects, highlighting what helped them succeed and the obstacles they had to overcome.

They have now published a briefing summarising the findings of the workshops. COP26: A just transition? which looks at the common themes that emerged from the examples and concludes that for the transition to net zero to be fair and just greater collaboration is needed in three areas:

  • Within countries, at national, regional and local government levels.
  • In knowledge sharing between countries with similar economic circumstances.
  • In knowledge sharing across countries with different economic circumstances and how that knowledge sharing must take account of differences between nations and economic circumstances. Future COP negotiations provide the ideal setting for such knowledge sharing to take place.

You can reading the briefings at:

Or view the workshops sessions on IPPR’s YouTube channel at:

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