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Northern Real Farming Conference

This year’s Northern Real Farming Conference programme is out now. Check out the online sessions 17-24 November and in-person sessions for our gathering in Lancaster, 2-3 December. Book your tickets soon for the in-person event, as space will be limited! There is more information about the in-person event here.

We are at a crucial point in developing the farming and food systems for the future. As the UK transitions to new post-Brexit frameworks for agriculture and seeks to emerge from the impact of Covid-19 stronger, the wider crises of biodiversity loss, ecological breakdown, inequality and social unrest continue.

The Northern Real Farming Conference is a space to dream, to re-think and to share practical experiences of regenerative and socially just ways to farm and bring food to markets and kitchen tables. We focus specifically on the North of England and Scotland and the unique landscapes and cultures of these regions.

The first Northern Real Farming Conference took place in October 2020 with 500 participants. This year, we are combining the accessible online Northern Real Farming Conference and local events (17-24 November) with a more intimate in-person 2-day Northern Real Farming Gathering in Lancaster, 2-3 December.

Further details about the Northern Real Farming Conference are also at:

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