Climate Change: Why Should We Care?

In the first of the Science Museum Group’s global Climate Talks series, Climate Change: Why Should We Care? – broadcaster and mathematician Dr Hannah Fry was joined by the legendary conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, Kenyan climate activist Wanjũhĩ Njoroge, climate advocate Kira Peter-Hansen MEP and scientist Dr Tamsin Edwards to explore how climate change will impact the future of our planet and why we need to act now to deal with the challenges posed by it.

Held on 29 January it was the first in a series running up to COP26. Further talks will be announced. Link is at:,%20Why%20Care%20blog,%2001/02/2021&fbclid=IwAR1j8GtgTkvmmguGHsc03pWKV55bu3DlrLNVt9HTLWVQeOI9T_phXlwbPRo

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