Clapham unanimously declares a climate emergency

Jill Buckler Clapham Sustainability Group writes.

On 8th December a group representing Clapham Sustainability Group submitted a Motion to Clapham cum Newby Parish Council asking them to acknowledge a Climate Emergency Motion. The Motion was proposed by a Parish Councillor and unanimously accepted. The Parish Council resolved that, further to the Climate Emergency resolutions of the House of Commons (May 2019), Craven District Council (August 2019) and the National Park Authority (September 2019), the Parish Council declares a Climate Emergency and to:

(i) actively consider and promote the reduction of carbon emissions and the promotion of biodiversity in all its operations and decision making;

(ii) support and promote community initiatives which assist parishioners to take steps to reduce carbon emissions, and to encourage and promote biodiversity in the Parish.

The Parish Council went on to consider further items on the Agenda from the perspective of the Motion. We wish to acknowledge Clapham cum Newby Parish Council for taking this decision and it is hoped their action will encourage other Parish Councils locally and nationally to do the same.


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