The world is still in denial’ Greta Thunberg

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg met with Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday (Thursday) urging her and other leaders to “treat the climate crisis like you treat any other crisis.”

“What we want is leaders. We want people to step up, to dare to step out of their comfort zones, to prioritize the future ahead of the now,” Thunberg told reporters after the 90-minute meeting.

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SSE vows to produce ‘Just Transition’ plans to bolster science-based climate targets

Sarah George 17 August 2020, source edie newsroom

SSE, an energy company based in Perth, has become the first UK energy firm to commit to developing ‘Just Transition’ plans, which will protect affected workers and communities as it aligns with the UK’s net-zero target. It employs more than 20,500 people, making it one of the ‘big six’ energy firms in the UK.

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Tackling climate change in Cumbria gets £2.5 million National Lottery boost

Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) bid for £2.5 million of National Lottery funding to cut carbon emissions in the county has been successful, it was announced today. CAfS is one of nearly 70 organisations from many walks of life in Cumbria that came together to submit the bid to the National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. The award to the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership will fund a five year programme of action aiming to make Cumbria the first carbon-neutral county in the UK, in a way that benefits communities and is led by them.

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Peat emissions could cancel forest benefits

Emissions from UK peatland could cancel out all carbon reduction achieved through new and existing forests, warns the countryside charity CPRE. It says many degraded peatlands are actually increasing carbon emissions. The government’s advisory committee on climate change told BBC News that it agreed with the conclusions of the analysis. Both that committee and the CPRE are urging more ambitious action to protect and enhance peatlands. The issue was also discussed at today’s Green Cafe meeting.

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