Electric charging points – we need to get out of the slow lane

One item in  the Government’s 10 point green plan announced last week included a ban on the sales of new combustion engines by 2030, with grants for electric cars, and funding for charge points. The sale of some hybrid cars and vans will continue until 2035. However, the 2030 ban means that all new car buyers across the UK within a decade will need easy access to charging infrastructure. However,  the current public charging network favours the south east and London as these two areas received 45% of new charger capacity in the past year, according to recent analysis (see: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/23/regional-disparities-in-electric-car-charging-points-revealed

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The environment – getting the balance right

Councillor Andy Brown writes

Those of us who love trees should perhaps be celebrating the plans to plant 50 million of them in a new Northern Forest and welcoming the Agriculture Bill’s encouragement of greater tree cover. Before any of us gets too carried away with enthusiasm, it is worth remembering that it is relatively easy to plant young saplings but very hard to get rid of established trees. What we do now is going to have an impact for decades to come and it is important that we get it right.

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Conference discusses ‘How we build back better’

Just how we can achieve a green recovery and tackle climate change by building back better was discussed today at our virtual conference. With the government’s promise of a green recovery plan which aims to set out how to rebuild the economy after the devastating Coronavirus pandemic, actions taken now to respond to the current health crisis and rebuild our economy will have an impact for generations to come.

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Trust announces plans for plastic free woodlands

Following our 24 October posting ‘Plastic tubes face redundancy following vote for Plastic Free Woodlands’, the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust has released details of their successful 18 month project, which they hope to start in December. They will also be running some volunteer tree planting and tube removal days as part of this project. Continue reading “Trust announces plans for plastic free woodlands”

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