Getting back to normal

Andy Brown writes:

After a year of restricted movements, it is hardly surprising that the mood of much of the nation is that people just want to get back to normal. There are, however, some serious problems about this. Not least of these are some very legitimate concerns over whether it was the abnormal way we were living before the pandemic that caused it to break out and to spread rapidly in the first place. The next disease to cross over from one species to another might prove even more unpleasant and attack the young or kill higher proportions of the population. Since human behaviour is believed by most scientists to have created the environmental conditions that has fostered a whole series of new diseases for humans it might make sense to avoid going straight back to bad practices.

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Clapham unanimously declares a climate emergency

Jill Buckler Clapham Sustainability Group writes.

On 8th December a group representing Clapham Sustainability Group submitted a Motion to Clapham cum Newby Parish Council asking them to acknowledge a Climate Emergency Motion. The Motion was proposed by a Parish Councillor and unanimously accepted. The Parish Council resolved that, further to the Climate Emergency resolutions of the House of Commons (May 2019), Craven District Council (August 2019) and the National Park Authority (September 2019), the Parish Council declares a Climate Emergency and to:

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Government told that ending UK’s climate emissions is ‘affordable’

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has today set out details of how the UK can virtually rid itself of carbon emissions 15 years sooner than currently planned. The government’s advisory committee on climate change in its Sixth Carbon Budget (2033-2037) calculates that by spending less than 1% of GDP a year, polluting emissions can fall by 78% by 2035, compared to 1990 level. Just 18 months ago this was the UK’s 2050 goal.

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Massive deforestation in Brazil threatens our climate

A new  investigation by the NGO Global Witness has revealed a chain of participants from cattle ranchers through to multinational beef traders, international financiers, supermarkets and fast-food chains, and the governments that regulate them, are either destroying rainforests or are complicit in the destruction of the Amazon, with flawed audits undertaken by US and European auditors.

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