Fish That Live in the Forest

The benefits of salmon, the waters in which they swim and the forests through which they pass is the story told in the film ‘Riverwoods’ commissioned by Scotland The Big Picture – an organisation working to re-wild a large network of land and water for the benefit of nature across Scotland.

‘Salmon need the support of a rich and diverse landscape that stretches far beyond the banks of the river. Over many centuries, the loss of Scotland’s natural woodlands, and much of the wildlife that shaped them, has profoundly changed our rivers and their ability to support the huge salmon runs that once flourished. Today, this magnificent creature so symbolic of Scotland’s spectacular, cascading rivers, is threatened like never before’.

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Join Margaret’s journey to climate awareness

In this exclusive premiere of the animated film, Margaret’s Story, by environmental literacy business Ideostone, one woman’s journey toward climate awareness is brought to life in a compelling and poignant 30-minute film. You can watch the trailer on YouTube at:

Follow Margaret, a grandmother in her early 70s, as she finds out about climate breakdown and join with her along the way as she begins to understand its consequences, both personally and for the wider community.

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ACE reports a year of climate action as treasurer Tess McMahon steps down

ACE ‘s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in the Victoria Hall, Settle on 17 September  reported a year of wide ranging activities from regular monthly Green Café meetings, activities around COP26 (United Nations climate talks), work with local authorities, the voluntary sector and other climate change campaigning groups.

The meeting elected a new steering group and officers and expressed its appreciation and thanks to Tess McMahon (photographed) a founder member of ACE who was retiring as treasurer.

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Climate campaigners call for a global day of action

Barry White

A global day of action on the climate catastrophe, to urge governments to cut greenhouse gas emissions and shift to a low-carbon economy is being called for by civil society groups around the world. It will take place on Saturday 12 November, the mid-point of the Cop27 UN climate talks, which run from 6 to 18 November in Sharm el-Sheikh, hosted by the Egyptian government. However concerns have been expressed that protests in Egypt could be restricted in a country where the right to protest has been heavily curbed under the government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

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