Campaigning for divestment in fossil fuels

Barry White

Divest UK is a grassroots movement working to take back power from the world’s most destructive and profiteering industry by ending investments in fossil fuels. They campaign for public and private institutions to divest from fossil fuels and take action to secure a safe and healthy planet for future generations.

From 23-25 September, Divest UK welcomed grass roots activists from all across the UK to Ingestre Hall, Staffordshire for a weekend of discussions, exchanging experiences and learning from each other. The following link: takes you to a blog giving an account of the weekend’s events.

On 22 November Divest UK with other climate activists from across the UK will be holding their biggest ever national day of action planning, calling on our local institutions to cut ties with the fossil fuel industry. More details at: Events – UK Divest

Meanwhile a large majority of the UK public supports nonviolent direct action to protect the environment, according to a recent opinion poll. People also strongly backed solar power on farmland and opposed fracking. The poll reported by The Guardian see: indicated the unpopularity of a recent swathe of government policies, with more than twice as many people saying they trusted Labour to protect the environment as said they trusted the Conservatives.

In the poll, 66% of people supported taking nonviolent direct action to protect the UK’s nature, with 34% opposed. Support for such action dropped to 44% among Tory supporters.

The public order bill going through parliament introduces stiff penalties for protests, such as those by Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion and others described as “Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati” by the former and recently reappointed home secretary Suella Braverman.

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