Cumbria coal mine set for government approval?

Barry White

Saturday’s Yorkshire Post reports that Michael Gove is expected to give his approval for a new coal mine in Whitehaven shortly.  The Secretary of State for Levelling Up is reported to have come under considerable pressure from some Tory MPs to give the controversial project the green light.

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Urgent need to tackle methane emissions

Barry White

Methane emissions are driving the warming of the planet faster than carbon dioxide To track and measure these emissions, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched the International Methane Emissions Observatory in October 2021. It catalogues discharges from the fossil fuel sector, together with waste and agricultural releases. These gases are responsible for more than 25 per cent of the global warming.

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Margaret’s Story – how it came about

Richard Boothman

A couple of years ago, I was taken by news reports of older people participating in the Extinction Rebellion protests.  I was quite inspired by these stories and was left in awe of the potential sacrifice that some of these people were making.  I was also feeling guilty for not having the courage to join the rebellion and find my place on the barricades.  On the basis that we all have to do what we can, however small, I wrote a monologue about an older lady who decided that she would protest.

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COP 27 – financial help for some but no action on fossil fuels

Bary White

After extending the Sharm El Sheikh summit for two days, a new fund to help countries worst-hit by the effects of climate change was agreed by some 200 countries in a historic deal. Called the ‘loss and damage fund’ we don’t yet know the details of how much money it will involve, and where the cash will come from. Poor countries had been pushing for 30 years for rich countries to help foot the bill for ‘loss and damage’ caused by global warming. The summit also agreed that the world needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions nearly in half by 2030.

But critics say the COP27 UN summit in Egypt did not go far enough on cutting the emissions that cause climate change.

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