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August’s Green Cafe (10.30-12) – outdoors at Settle Victoria Hall’s Refreshment Gardens. Come and relax and catch-up after this prolonged period of being virtual.

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Making the most of Home Energy

Do you know your FITs from your SEGs and is it worthwhile to install solar panels since Feed in Tariffs were replaced by less generous Smart Export Guarantees? And what about heating your whole house and hot water with a heat pump? Government plans suggest they are one of the key ways to decarbonise home heating. Do they really work here in the north, and how?

These were just some of the questions discussed along with hearing from an ACE member with experience of generating and using their own electricity in Settle, taking advantage of battery storage.

Settle Town Council presents plans to counter the climate emergency

Settle Town Councillors will be presenting their recently agreed Climate and Biodiversity Policy Report to the next Action on Climate Emergency Settle and area (ACE) Green Cafe meeting on Saturday 8 May. The report was adopted by the Town Council on 1 March and sets out actions they will take to become carbon neutral by 2030 and improve biodiversity of their owned and managed land. The virtual meeting opens at 10.30am and the one hour presentation will start at 11.00am.

Councillor Robert Bellfield, chair of the Council’s Climate Change Working Group who will lead the team giving the presentation commented.

“The Council are committed to their Climate Change & Biodiversity Policy and Plan, and would like to invite local businesses and the people of Settle to join them in taking action to mitigate climate change and the loss of biodiversity.”







Spring Conference on Zoom: ‘Growing the Green Recovery’ – 13th March 10.30-1pm – see this page on our website for more details:

Growing the Green Recovery – details, speaker bios and programme

Featuring the following speakers:

  • Neil Heseltine – Chair of Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • Anna Clayton/Melanie Fryer – Food Futures Lancaster
  • Carol Douglas – Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust’s ‘Together for Trees’ project
  • John Forbes – Cumbria Action for Sustainability’s ‘Zero Carbon Cumbria’ project

Book via Eventbrite (no fees):

or email: 

February’s Green Cafe on Zoom Saturday 13th February 10.45-12 Noon.

FEATURED: A discussion about the film ‘2040’ and Members meeting.

January’s Green Cafe by Zoom Saturday 9th January 10.45-12 Noon. 

FEATURED: an introduction to Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust’s ‘Together for Trees’ project. ACE is one of four community groups who will be helping create 26 hectares of new native woodland, restore 1km of hedgerow and plant individual landscape trees to help mitigate the impact of ash dieback.

‘Making the Most of the Green Recovery’ conference on Zoom* 10.15-1pm on Saturday 14th November  

With calls for ‘Build Back Better’ and the release of the World Wildlife Fund’s latest ‘Living Planet’ report in September, highlighting the urgent need for a ‘sustainable, resilient and healthy post COVID-19 world for people and nature’, ACE’s latest conference gave us the opportunity to hear about ways we can address these challenging times. We had a great line-up of speakers and topics including the innovative approaches Cornwall County Council are taking to tackle the climate emergency; Community Wealth Building; UK Youth Climate Action Coalition activities and the possibilities for renewable energy projects in and around Settle.

October Green Cafe on Zoom Saturday – 10th October 10.45-12ish.

Featured– a discussion about the potential for developing local energy projects.

The password is 123 and the meeting ID, if you need it, is: 6255547892.

We would like this to have a cafe feel, so please bring your coffee or beverage of choice, along with something delicious to eat.

To access our meeting follow this link:

The password is 123 and the meeting ID, if you need it, is: 6255547892.

Thank you to Settle Community and Business Hub for letting us use this account.


Our first Annual General Meeting was held at 11.00am on Saturday 12 September and was followed by September’s Green Café with guest speaker

We held our first Annual General Meeting from 11.00am. This included the adoption of the constitution and election of officers and of members to ACE’s Steering Group, as well as an update on our campaigning strategy and finance report.

Our September virtual Green Café, followed the AGM, with Kate Jennings – Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Sites and Species Policy Manager speaking about the RSPB’s work…

‘Kate spoke of her work and made particular reference to the organisation’s response to the government’s Glover Review published last year, which looked at a great range of issues that affect, and are affected by our protected landscapes  (National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) including biodiversity, natural beauty, planning and housing, the future of farming and the diversity of visitors.
The Review’s headlines were that these landscapes needed to be at the forefront of attempts to recover biodiversity and to tackle climate change but are currently failing to deliver, that they belong to all and are not doing enough to welcome diverse communities, in particular those from black and minority ethnic communities, and that how they are governed – and those who govern them – need to change to reflect these challenges.  Its proposals are currently being considered by the government.
Kate also discussed the implications for the countryside of the current review of the planning system, which would see land divided into three zones – ‘Growth’, ‘Renewal’, and ‘Protection’, and would, in all bar the ‘Protected’ zones restrict opportunities for public engagement in the planning system to the plan-making phase, removing much of the need for (and the opportunities for communities to have their say in relation to) planning permission for individual developments.  (Public consultation is now taking place on Planning for the Future White Paper).
Kate went on to talk about concerns about the recently published Internal Markets Bill now before Parliament, which has significant implications for the future relationship between the devolved governments of the UK and risks preventing any of those governments from bringing forward more robust environment and climate laws’.
Kate has also provided the following links, if you want to find out more:
On Planning reform:
Nature has been so important for all of us during this crisis. We need to make sure that it is protected and enhanced as part of our recovery.
And useful blogs and letters on the planning stuff:


August Green Cafe on Zoom Saturday – 8th August 10.45-12ish

Featured…our new membership scheme and how to join ACE, our current activities – including our draft website; along with the opportunity to feedback to other participants about what you are up to and what needs highlighting – locally, nationally or internationally.