A million steps for climate justice

Barry White

Arriving in Settle yesterday (Tuesday 19 October) Pushpanath ‘Push’ Krishnamurthy (pictured centre), a British citizen originally from Bangalore, India, who is on route from London to  COP26 in Glasgow. His walk for Climate Justice and Fairtrade set off from Mahatma Gandhi statue in Parliament Square, London, on 2 October. “My walks are about inspiring actions for fair play, creating awareness through compelling stories of real life. They are about opportunity and hope,” he told ACE supporters who met him on his arrival.

Later that evening Push spoke at a virtual meeting organised by ACE where he explained his reasons for doing the walk, the impact of climate change on communities around the world and what we can do about it. The talk can be accessed at: https://youtu.be/7FV4aje6ChM

In December 2009, Push embarked on his first long walk, his ‘Walk for Climate Justice’ from Oxford, to Copenhagen, Denmark, to raise awareness of the issues of climate change and poverty in advance of the UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen, COP15. In 2011, he repeated this effort in another Walk for Climate Justice in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, to call attention to the plight of small producers such as coffee growers in an era of climate change. He has spent three decades at the leading edge of development work across three continents, with NGOs such as Oxfam and Save the Children.

Push will arrive in Glasgow on 3 November having completed over 400 miles and an estimated one million steps. He hopes more people will join him on route.

The picture shows Push (centre) in Feizor this morning with Paul Kelly (right) and Kevin McSherry (left) before setting off to Glasgow via The Lakes in Cumbria.

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