New report reveals massive inequality in UK carbon emissions

Barry White

Little media coverage has been given to a recent report by Autonomy, which shows that the top 1% is responsible for the same amount of carbon emissions in a single year as the bottom 10% are in more than two decades. The report which was covered by The Guardian on 1 November, revealed that the data covered the period to the end of 2018, before the Covid 19 pandemic, which saw a great reduction flying, travelling and other high carbon activities.

“It would take 26 years for a low earner to produce as much carbon dioxide as the richest do in a year, according to Autonomy’s analysis of income and greenhouse gas data from 1998 to 2018, which found that people earning £170,000 or more in 2018 in the UK were responsible for greenhouse gas emissions far greater than the 30% of people earning £21,500 or less in the same year”, the newspaper reported.

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