‘Rumbling’ Settle Hydro hits a million

Manifest Marketing for Settle Hydro

Settle Hydro has marked the impressive milestone of having generated one million kWh of clean, green renewable energy. The community project, which was commissioned in January 2010, generates electricity by drawing water from the River Ribble through a sluice gate to power nearby homes, with surplus energy sold into the National Grid. But the landmark achievement of the millionth kilowatt was nearly overshadowed by a strange and irritating noise which led to complaints from residents and mystified the Hydro team – especially when it continued even after they turned off the hydro generator.

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Plastic Tree Guards – Polluting Our Landscape

Sarah Wiltshire

ACE’s December virtual Green Cafe heard from Friends of the Dales’ Chair, Bruce McCleod, about their plastic tree guard campaign.

Bruce left us in no doubt that we are being  spun a tale about the benefits of using plastic in tree guards, including their recyclability. This is after all a fossil fuel product that never goes away.

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Climate change is “an aggravating factor” for instability warns UN chief

Barry White

United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres has warned that environmental degradation enables armed groups to extend their influence and manipulate resources to their advantage, he told the Security Council on Thursday 9 December.

Speaking during a debate on Security, in the Context of Terrorism and Climate Change, he warned that the regions most vulnerable to climate change “also suffer from insecurity, poverty, weak governance and the scourge of terrorism.”

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Mapping our special trees with ROOTS

Jenny Hall

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust have recently organised some really informative and inspiring walks and talks about the use and importance of the Ancient Tree Inventory. The first was a walk in September and second, a talk on the 24th November. Both have been ‘hosted’ by YDMT and led by Vanessa Champion, who is our local Ancient and Veteran Tree Verifier for the Woodland Trust. On both occasions, Vanessa provided us with interesting information on the importance of recording these trees, what to look for and how to go about doing it.

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