Desmond Tutu on climate change and what to do about it

Barry White

Much has quite rightly been written in tributes to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, anti-apartheid campaigner, champion of human rights worldwide and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who died on 26 December. But perhaps not so generally appreciated is his stand on the climate emergency, against fossil fuel companies and for a global transition to a new safe energy economy. On the eve of the 2014 UN Climate Summit, he argued that tactics used against firms who did business with South Africa must now be applied to fossil fuels to prevent human suffering. Here is an extract of what he wrote in The Guardian in September 2014, see: ( )

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Scaling back on electrical vehicle chargers

Barry White

Amidst a media fanfare the government announced plans in November for a charging point to be required for every new or refurbished residential building from next year. Now it seems they have quietly backtracked on proposals to require every shop, office or factory in England to install at least one electric car charger if they have a large car park. The original plan required every new and existing non-residential building with parking for 20 cars or more to install a charger. However, the Department for Transport (DfT) has now revealed it will only require chargers be installed in new or refurbished commercial premises amid fears over the cost for businesses, according to a response to a consultation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans last month, saying the regulations were “world-leading”. However, the decision to drop the requirement for existing non-residential buildings means the UK could fall behind the EU, which is introducing a rule for existing buildings to install cable routes for chargers after 2025. Some experts believe that the decision will mean that access to electrical vehicle public chargers will trail demand as the sale of electrical vehicles increases. Continue reading “Scaling back on electrical vehicle chargers”

Bold plans announced as churches seek to be carbon neutral by 2030

Barry White

The Church of England (C of E) has set out ambitious plans to be carbon neutral within eight years amid growing concerns over the climate crisis. It is estimated that C of E buildings produce 189,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. With some 16,000 churches and 42 cathedrals included on their land, it is responsible for 45 per cent of all Grade I listed buildings in England, so it’s a daunting task. Some 8,500 parish churches were built before or during the medieval period which in itself present a number of huge problems to overcome.

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High court set back for climate activists

Barry White

Plan B Earth, an environmental campaign group that challenged the lawfulness of the UK government’s climate policies has lost their high court challenge this week. They argued that government ministers had not taken “practical and effective” steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The group wanted Mr Justice Bourne to give activists the go-ahead for a judicial review, but he refused permission.

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